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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and good afternoon everyone i'm shiba russell. >> i'm kerry barrett in for rob schmitt today. new developments in the hunt for the mastermind behind the paris attacks. [ gunfire ] >> heavy gunfire for hours, this as french authority goes toe to toe with high level terrorists. >> and when the smoke cleared, two terror suspects were dead, seven others captured by police. >> no word on the target. the mastermind of the paris attacks still may be out there. >> david ushery has the latest. >> reporter: darkness is starting to descend upon this area and darkness is when this operation started. just down the road, behind me. early dawn operation, pre-dawn operation with elite troops moving in base on the cell phone intelligence. and it ended in a deadly way for two alleged ed d terrorists.
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to -- having technical difficulties, but they were led here, presumably because they were following some leads based on the cell phone intelligence, and again also following a female suspect here. and a lot of people were startled, but grabbed their smart phones. let's take a look. it was an ordeal that will lasted hours. marked by gunfire and explosions. it started predawn in the gritty, high-crime neighborhood, startled residents huddled with children and grabbed cell phones. intelligence from tabbed phones led them to believe the mastermind of last friday's attack abdelhamid abaaoud was here in a safe house. a woman was killed when she set off an explosive and another terrorist was killed by shrapnel and grenades. others were dedetained. it is all aggressive police
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hunt for suspects in the paris massacre. president hollande prays those elite forces that moved in, how the people must have been afraid, but he told all of france that they should expect to see this more often. we'll send it back to you in new york. >> a lot of tense moments there for several hours, david, is it over right now? >> reporter: there's still a heavy police presence here, shiba, as you might imagine. they have that area cordoned off, residents are now moving about freely. we've heard that at some point, police moved into another neighborhood as they continue to track those who are still on the run. >> and just to be clear, david, one more question here, two people, they're still searching for, the mastermind and another suspect. >> reporter: yeah, they're looking for salah abdeslam, he's believed to be dangerous, one of the brothers of the attackers, and unclear whether they found out or arrested or detained a mastermind, we feel like we
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would have heard that by now, seven were arrested. >> that's a good point, david noon. developing today. france meanwhile getting help for russia in the fight against isis. the rune defense ministry releasing this video what are long range bombers carrying out a massive air strike on isis targets in syria. there are also reports that french and russian air strikes have killed 33 isis terrorists in the past three days. also iraq launching air strikes in its own country. it's targeting isis hideouts in the north and west. the iraqi defense releasing this video saying the strikes inflicted heavy losses. nbc right now working to independently verify this. meanwhile president obama is defending his efforts to bring syrian refugees into the united states. he told reporters in the philippines any attempts to block their entry is quote, offensive and contrary to american values.
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in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic. we don't make good decisions if it's based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks. >> the plan hasn't changed here. the president wants to allow 10,000 refugees into the country next year. governor's in more than two dozen states now have threatened to block their arrival, including new jersey governor chris christie. and we now know the two air france flights diverted due to bomb threats did not have bombs on-board. both flights were headed to paris last night. the air france flight from l.a. had to land in salt lake city, the one from there ended up in nova scioscia. isis just released a photo
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of a homemade bomb that it says was used to bring down the russian airliner. >> this is an ied made out of a soda can. it was published in an isis propaganda magazine. comes just one day after russia acknowledged that it was indeed a bomb that brought down the jet killing all 224 people onboard. the authenticity of the photo has not been verified. the fbi investigating a drone crash just outside rft bayway refinery. that is in lyndon, new jersey. chopper 4 above the refinery after lyndon police confirmed that a drone slammed into the top of a car earlier this morning. the operator of the drone picked up most of the pieces of that damaged vehicle before he took off from the scene. lyndon police sigh they are taking this seriously in light of what happened in paris on friday. also new at noon, firefighter seen rescuing a tiny infant. look at that, from a home in flames. talking about the move that may
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news 4's sheldon dutes spoke with the firefighter just a short while ago. what an amazing story, sheldon. >> reporter: truly incredible story. and firefighters are no strangers to running directly toward danger. that's what they do every day. and that's exactly what happened when that lieutenant went into this smoke-filled burning building to try and rescue that three week old newborn. moments after the rescue, launt adam valogos carried the baby to an ambulance. >> heroes the right word, i don't think so, that's just what we do. it's what we're trained to do, and glad that it worked out. >> reporter: the fire started last night around 9:30 p.m. in the family's home here on 106th street. as soon as relatives realized what was happening, they rushed to rescue the three-week old baby who was upstairs. >> all i was thinking about that baby upstairs. i was trying to get to that baby upstairs. i was trying to get the hoes. ives throwing buckets of water on the fire. >> reporter: what the lieutenant
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arrived, there was zero visibility inside the home. >> i wound up actually bumped into the crib and i heard very faint notices. baby was making very faint, faint noises and i reached and in felt the baby and i just grabbed him and took off. >> reporter: the aunt was overcome with emotion looking at the damage to the family's home. but she's grateful for the fdny's quick response, saving her nephew. >> thank god. thank god. >> and here we are in 316 a fire house where my father and his grandfather worked as a lieutenant, measure ore than 50 years ago. i am especially proud today of adam. >> makes me feel good, proud of a fireman, proud of my guys and a job that we all did. >> reporter: and the lieutenant is commissioner's nephew.
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they have connections to that fire department engine house where he works out of. now the fire department tells me this fire from last night still under investigation. they're looking into the cause, but right now it does not appear to be suspicious. and they don't suspect any criminality. as for the three-week old baby. we're told that he is in stable condition at the hospital. we're live in corona in afternoon, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> good to hear, sheldon, thank you. and now to a murder mystery in brooklyn. detectives say a man was found dead on a sidewalk in the hill. news 4's tracie strahan is there with what they found so far. >> reporter: shiba and kerry, it took hours, but authorities just reopened this intersection after discovering a man thought to be in his 30s shot in the back. the call came in around 3:30 this morning, offices from the 84th police precinct swarmed this area after making the discovery right in front of two 80 burg onavenue.
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unconscious and unresponsive and later pronounced dead at the scene. we saw detectives going from building to building, ian questioning a gas station attendant on the hunt for any security video or surveillance images that could point them in the direction you have whomever was responsible for this. so far, police haven't released the identity of the victim, nor have they released any information about possible suspects in this case. only saying that so far, no arrests have been made. that's the very latest from brooklyn, tracie strahan, now back to you. staying in brooklyn, police searching for this man, connected to a double shooting. he was caught on video at a store. police say that somebody followed another man into the nearby subway station and opened fire. two people were hit. one of the victims is in critical condition. the other is listed in serious. happening now, one of the two men arrested in a deadly shooting near penn station is about to face a judge.
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prosecutors say vincent arcona was involved in last week's shooting that left one person dead, two others injured. u.s. marshals caught up with the alleged gunman in rhode island late last thursday. coming up next at noon, the search for a missing student. his college is shut down today. why investigators need to find him fast for the safety of everybody on campus. and i'm katherine creag live in time square where mayor de blasio is announcing a major plan, a multibillion dollar one to provide housing for thousands of homeless people. we'll have the very latest, coming up. and in a cloud cover is thickening, and the rain is only its way. a significant rainstorm, we'll tell you about the timing and tell you when it all wraps up.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referralsvvv needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. maryland college closing its campus now as police search for a missing student who we understand may be armed. 19-year-old jacob vanished monday. that's when his parents called washington college to say their son left home with a rifle. he was asked to lee the schoolen last month after he allegedly displayed an unloaded pistol in his dorm room. there's no indication that he wants to hurt anybody, but school officials did decide to close campus as a precaution. right now mayor de blasio is unveiling his $3 billion plan to help the homeless in our city. and it's not just about housing, news 4's katherine creag is at the event right now, kat.
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>> reporter: yes, and very, happening right now, it is very packed inside a building here. and that building is significant, because it currently housing hundreds of low income and formerly homeless people. we want to show you video of the building and what mayor de blasio wants is for more units, more of these kinds of buildings to be created in new york city. it started with emotional and personal stories from former homeless people. the mayor and his wife listening to them. he anounls the the city will be working with developers to create and fund 15,000 units of housing over the next 15 years for those who don't have a permanent place to live, including homeless veterans. and domestic violence victims. it'll cost the city $3 billion in funding, those homeless will take part will get social and mental health services, counselling, half are ready to be used right now. we heard from one formerly homeless man about his life.
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my head, i still felt hopeless. but ian though i had given up on my myself, the people here didn't give up on me. and those people will see you, see us, okay. [ applause ] >> reporter: and see you see us, he just mentioned stands for center for urban community services of the 59,000 homeless people in new york, half of them are children. and half of the units, the 15,000 units are ready. and mayor de blasio hopes to fill them with homeless people very soon. reporting live in times square, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> all right, kat, thank you. let's talk about money. new information on the number of people caught shopping online. the horror, well, they're at work. can you imagine? >> bill griffith joins us now from cnbc's global headquarters with that and a look at the markets. that's how you get the fancy ties, i know, bill, you're shopping at work. >> as i'm speaking with you ladies, i'm shopping for sweaters on amazon.
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>> oh no. >> let me get to that in just a moment. first the rally continues on wall street. the expectations of a rate anybody. the dow at the highs of the session up 139 points. we will get some fireworks at 2:00 when the minutes from the most recent fed meeting will be out and everybody will be pouring over it looking for hints on what the fed's intentions are for that meeting in december. meantime, food giant is splitting into two companies. one will be called conagra brands, it'll shell chef boy ardee and slim jim. soert lamb weston and getting the short end of the stick. it'll make conagra's french fries and appetizers. the keyword is frozen. consumers have been shying away from in favor of fresher items. the new brands will have sales of roughly $9 billion while lamb weston's frozen sales are only
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$2.9 billion. and with black friday almost upon us and the holiday deals starting earlier than ever this year, apparently the temptation to act on them is great, even at the office. this new robert half technology survey finds that nearly, one in four office workers admits to being caught red handed by their manager while shopping online at work. i think that number sounds low. employees are not all that worried about it either. the survey said that 30% are professionals, 30% feel guilty about bargain-hunting during work hours. that means 70% could care less. they are going after those bargains right now. hey, it's where we spend most of our day, right? it makes sense to do that. >> and what about 30% of the unprofessionals? like us? >> whoa, whoa. >> oh my god. >> i'm not touching that one. >> how did i get involved in that? >> you obviously do not do a lot of shopping online, right? >> thank you so much, bill, i'm sorry. >> see ya. >> all right.
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i have to walk over to the weather wall and use my technology over there to talk about what's going on. >> and we need to shop for some raincoats. >> i think you do. and to quote rihanna, you need that's for sure. let's look at that number, shall we, 12:17, 57 degrees, increasing clouds outside, and i think we are going to see some drizzle later on today. let's talk about the headlines. clouds rolling in, that we can see from the live picture, drizzle at dinner? not your salad dressing, we're talking about drizzle which is going to be a precursor to the heavier rain around dinner time. solid, soaking on thursday, we're talking about an inch or more of rain, we'll get to that in a moment. talked about the temperature in central park. temps pretty much in the 50s. 58 in trenton, and 57 until west hampton. 53 in bridgeport. there are those clouds, you can see them beginning to advance on that front. that is going to push through, if it's a strong front and has a
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good deal of precipitation in it. here's what happened. as we head to 5:00 p.m. we see scattered showers or scattered drizzle roll through the area. increased moisture. that's for sure. then as you get to tomorrow morning, still, scattered showers, but then, as we get to the noon hour, that's when the heavy rain starts to roll through. and it continues through the day, good news is, by about midnight, it's out of here, but for your commute home tomorrow night, it's going to be a mess. so wie going to keep you up to date on all that's happening and the complicating factor tomorrow is not only the rain, but the wind gusts as well. thursday at noon, 36 mile per hour gusts anticipated. same story tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. think about that. if these gusts are this high, we could be daubing much lower traffic on bridges like the tappen z and places where they may put speed restrictions or restrictions on high profile vehicles. we'll keep an eye on that too. 35, patchy drizzle tonight, that's what we talked about.
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heavier in the afternoon and evening. winds south 10 to 15 sustained, but the gusts could be higher than 30 miles per hour. weekend, saturday looks better than sunday. sunday we could see gusty wind and a sprinkle. and here is your seven-day forecast everyone. into next week, we cool down and dry on out. all good news, tomorrow is the challenge for us. that's a quick look at your forecast, folks, back to you at the desk. >> all right. thank you. "new york live' up next at 12:30. >> here are sara and jackie with what's ahead. >> hi, back at you. it is an adventure in baby sitting. what happens when ben aaron spends the day with joellle and gia in a with pointers on becoming a parent. and former real housewife ne nerks leaks returns to broadway. the scoop on her new role in the classic musical chicago. that and more at 12:30. >> always finds work. and by the way, i like the new stabs. >> we naught we'd try something new. >> i love it. >> mix it up.
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>> looking forward to it, ladies, thank you. still ahead here at noon, carly simon finally coming clean
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all right. so today we now know one of the men who inspired carly simon's kissoff anthem, you're so vain. she told people magazine that the second verse of that 1972 song was inspired by actor warren beatty. that'd been going around for a while. it was subject of discussion for decades with speculation swirling around some of her former celebrity loves. she says though that the song was actually inspired by three different men. she will not name the other two. there were clouds in my coffee clouds in my coffee new man is the sexiest man alive.
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this year's winner, it is soccer superstar david beckham. dreaming, dreaming, the 40-year-old athlete tells people it is a huge honor and he's very pleased to accept. he also said he's never felt like an attractive, sexy person. >> of course. >> you can pick up the magazine friday. >> always in his underpants. >> i guess he's not one of the vain people out there. >> i guess not, or puts on a good point. literally.
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tonight, reclaiming their lives from behind prison walls. >> how some locked up on rikers island are learning to perform. all right, and breaking news any time anywhere, go to nbc new or our mobile app. >> "new york live' up next, have
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